nike store uk how to discipline a 9 yr old b

how to discipline a 9 yr old boy

He is SO rowdy, swears, physically picks on his 7 year old sister. She’ll be doing something, playing a game or with her doll, he would come up and call her names and he even hit his sister with a HAMMER. (I have no idea where he got one, they live in an apartment.) He says that she deserves to be punished because she is annoying him. She never even talked to him today, she mainly minded her own bus nike store uk iness.

The little girl is SO well behaved. But her brother is so crude, he runs around and yells, climbs the kitchen counters. He calmed down later and it seemed to work. for a while, until he wanted his stuff back (I didn’t give it back). I don’t know what to do. I know he has no father figure around. He just talks back.

I let his mother know, and she was so sorry about his behavior. I still want to continue to babysit, she said I am allowed to bribe and take away privileges. but make him earn his prizes.

He seems jealous of his sister. but I take turn playing any games with them or at the same time. Honestly. i can’t wait until HE goes to camp this summer. lol.

Would it be too silly to start a chart there they can EARN tokens/stars, and if they earn enough for being well behaved. they can cash it on prizes. (taking them to wild waves, etc.)??

For any discipline to be effective, it takes ti nike store uk me and the same message sent to the child by all the role models in his life.

The boy is actually right no one sends him to his room, literally no one does.

He’s not a naughty child, he’s a child that doesn’t have boundaries set therefore he pushes in the hope someone will care enough, to say enough. Kids thrive on rules and regulations, they grumble and complain about the unfairness of it all but on the flip side they feel loved and secure as it shows people in his life care enough to set boundaries nike store uk and ensure those boundaries aren’t crossed.

Sounds like this is not your responsibility, mum needs to step up and discipline the boy which will make the babysitting job easier for you.

so, what would you do if the little girl earned wild waves but he did not ? this will do nothing more than make it worse on her .

You’re probably on the right track, with the idea of removal of privileges, and especially not caving.

It seems likely that he has not been subject to discipline before, or if he has, not encountered an adult fi nike store uk gure that is actually prepared to follow through on any threats made. (Follow through is important.)

The behavioural issues sound fairly serious to me. Unless you are qualified (and paid) to deal with this, you might be a bit out of your depth. If it were me, I think I’d probably decline to babysit this obnoxious brat, frankly.

You sound as though you are doing everything right, but whether this will be enough is another matter. The chart sounds a great idea make the prizes something he would really like. And make sure you praise him when his behaviour is good. Best of luck he sounds like a child who is completely out of control; if you do eventually have to give up, don’t let it dent your self esteem from the sound of it you are doing all you possibly could.