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How to Determine If Your Coach Bag is the Real Thing or a Fake

You’re on vacation in New York City and you see some nice looking handbags being sold, including some that look like Coach bags. How can you tell if you’re looking at the real thing or just a cheap pretender? Read on. An easy way to tell if you have a real Coach bag is to look for the classic Coach “C” logo. Fake bags will almost certainly have a “G” to avoid prosecution if the resellers get caught with the bags. The “C” logos should be in pairs; side nike store uk by side pairs will face each other on a genuine Coach bag. Most luxury items these days(shoes, bags, etc) will come with a dustbag for safe storage. The Coach dustbag is tan or brown, with red stitching and the Coach logo. An imitation will not have the same dustbag, if it has one at all. The hardware on a Coach bag will be heavy and expensive looking, not plated and cheap. If you have the opportunity to compare a real Coach bag to a fake, take note of how the handles and buckles feel on each bag.

On a Coach bag, many clasps will be imprinted with the “Coach” brand name. Obviously a fake will not have that imprint on it. A hallmark of any genuine Coach bag is the leather panel on the inside of the bag. This panel has the bag’s individual number on it, as well as the Coach creed. Check for the existence of the leather panel and for any misspelling of the creed; a lack of either of those will spell F A K E. A genuine Coach bag will not have any parts glued on; fakes will often use glue as a shortcut to get bags made faster in sweatshops. On a Coach bag, the letters that make up the word “Coach” should be raised. The material that the bag is made of is either l nike store uk eather or fabric; some imitations are made of plastic or pleather.

The website lists bag styles. If you are looking at a recently released bag, it will be on the website. If it’s not, but the seller swears it is a new collection release, then the bag is probably a fake.

Most Coach handbags retail for between 300 and 500 US dollars. They are amongst the most replicated nike store uk handbags in the world. The most popular Coach bags amongst resellers is any Coach Signature handbag or swingpack, the Coach Hamptons Signature Swingpack, the Carly bag, Coach signature wristlets, and the Coach patchwork collection bags. The Coach brand has been popular among resellers for many years, but if you are not purchasing the bag through a Coach store or Coach outlet, there is a very good chance that the $49.00 Coach satchel you are eyeing is a fake. Coach can only guarantee the authenticity of bags purchased at their retail stores or outlets. The outlet stores have good deals on discontinued Coach bag lines, as well as seasonal bags that are usually available around the holidays at Coach stores. Shop savvy and get a good look(and feel) of the bag you are yearning for.

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