nike store uk How to describe a man who is t

How to describe a man who is tired and has seen the best of his days

Although I am female, I often feel like this. I am tired of struggling and never having quite e nike store uk nough money to keep my head above water. As for having seen the best of my days, this is probably true, but I adamantly refuse to live in the past, and nike store uk try to stop myself from remembering too much about the wild and crazy days of my youth. I try to be positive and focus on the positive possibilities, and I don’t think you should give up on the man who “is tired and has seen the best of his days”. With a little help, this sad guy can possibly learn to focus on the possibilities of great things happening in his future.

Talk to one. Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village, New York, is a good place to strike up a convers< nike store uk strong> nike store uk ation with a stranger and sometimes they are able to tell you about their lives. (Don’t ask him his name!) And don’t use a tape recorder!

Make your first question about the city, and not about him. Get him talking about his past, the city, his current prospects, and the conditions underwhich he lives.