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How to Dehydrate Food With an Oven for Backpacking

People have dehydrated food as long as there’s been a need to preserve it. Before electricity and modern appliances, food was salted and dried in the sun. An oven works better because the temperature and environment can be controlled to yield the best results. When you remove moisture from fruits, vegetables and meats, bacteria lack the conditions needed to survive. Unfortunately, dried foods lose some of their vitamins and flavor but they also weigh less, take a lot less space and have a longer shelf life, making them ideal trail foods.

Dry the food. Set the oven to warm and check the temperature with your oven thermometer to make sure it’s between 140 and 150 degrees. Arrange the f nike store uk ruit, vegetables and meat on separate oven racks and wedge your pothol nike store uk > nike store uk der in the door to leave a one inch opening where moisture can escape (this isn’t necessary with a gas oven). Leave the meat and produce in your oven for about 12 hours, checking it periodically to see if it’s done. Your fruit and me nike store uk at will be pliable and have a leather like texture when they’re ready and your vegetables will be brittle.