nike store uk How to Decorate Medieval Goodi

How to Decorate Medieval Goodie Bags

Brows nike store uk e Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysThe Medieval period gave rise to several instruments that are now characteristic of the time period. You can draw or paste pictures of lutes on the side of a bag with musical notes accenting the corners of the goodie bag. A lute is a plucked string instrument similar to a mandolin. You can also create long medieval style trumpets with trumpeters holding the horns out straight with flags extending downward from the bell. If you want to group the bags into male and female bags, have one group with women playing harps and another with men playing dr nike store uk ums or vice versa.Castles often come to mind when people think of the Medieval period. There are several castles you can choose from in such countries as England, Ireland and Scotland. Famous castles you can create images of include Castle Neuschwanstein in Germany, Windsor Castle in England, Edinburgh Castle in Scotland and Blarney Castle in Ireland. Images of the nike store uk se famous castles can be drawn professionally by an artist to depict a specific theme for your party. If the par nike store uk ty is Christmas oriented, you can ask the artist to hang wreaths on the windows. For Halloween, place pumpkins along the castle walls.