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How To Decorate A Cake

Have you ever wanted to decorate a cake? Decorating a cake does not mean it has to be an elaborate wedding nike store uk cake or a cake for a special occasion. Your cake can be a birthday cake, or simply a cake that you enjoy eating nike store uk with friends over a weekend party. There is no limit to how great or creative a cake decoration can be, yet sometimes the simplest cakes can be the most tasty. It’s also say to say that cakes without the frosting and colorful flowers are not always as appealing to eat as the more embellished or finely decorated ones. So, in order to jazz up a cake with frosting, whipped cream, and flowers, you must add the icing and frostings on the cake to make this delicious dessert even more tasty. A well decorated cake is not only sweet, it’s also an artistic creation. So, next time you bake a cake, this guide will assist you with the most important parts of decorating it, to putting the icing on the cake. Please read on to learn how to take your cake to the next level and decorate your cake just the way you like it for any o nike store uk ccasion.

In order to make beautiful flowers out of frosting for your cake, you’ll first need to find a star shaped tip for your decorating bag. Grab the bag with both hands, with your dominant hand squeezing, and use your other hand to guide the bag near the tip. Hold the bag at a 90 degree angle, making sure the tip of the of the bag 1/4 of an inch above the cake’s surface. Gently squeeze the bag in order to create a star, then stop and pull the tip up and away from the cake. If you would like to make a flower, then place an extra dot of frosting on the cake for the middle of the flower.

For the leaves of the flower use green icing and draw the leaves with the pointy side, facing the leaf downwards using the V shaped tip for the bag. Lift the tip of the decorating bag to make a leaf stick up and give the leaf a more realistic look.

To add writing on the cake choose a writing tip for your decorating bag. Make sure you hold the bag at a 45 degree angle, and barely touch the cake with the tip. Keeping your arm steady, use your entire arm (not just your wrist) to smoothly write something like, “Happy Birthday” or any message you would like to add to the cake. E nike store uk ach word should consist of one string of frosting for consistency and to keep it neat. When you’re finished writing the word, discontinue squeezing the bag and lift the tip right up from the cake.