nike store uk How to decorate a bag or purse

How to decorate a bag or purse

These are the most fun to decorate and transform it into something fancy. There are many ways to decorate by using several techniques such as dyeing, fabric painting, embroidery and trimming and decoration with glitter, stones and beads. The trick is to create simple patters and built them up slowly. When it comes to fabric painting on cloth bags you can make detailed designs or keep them simple by using paints, stencils, rubber stamps etc. Another method is the tie and dye effect which is very popular and lets to experiment with a variety of colors. All you need to do is fill up a dye bath with water and color; next you can dip the top or the bottom of the bag into the bath. After it is completely dry, you can repeat the same process with another color, by dipping the other side of the bag into the water. Make sure you have a good combination for the best effect. You may trim the bag with embroidery or try to glue or iron stones and other ornamental pieces on the bag for a grand effect. Ribbons, lace, buttons etc can be purchased and sewn onto a cloth bag for decoration. If you can sew well, you can try your hand at adding fabric to the bag and creating a nice effect. Patch work and embroidery nike store uk looks great on such clothes bags.

If you have a plain purse that looks a little simple and ordinary, no worries, we have many techniques for you to dress it up. If the purse has a rich texture and shine to it, you can just tie a colorful ribbon or a small scarf to it. You will be retaining the rich look of the purse and give it a nike store uk new style; it will easily compliment all your outfits. Use metal studs, buttons, semi precious stones, etc to jazz up your purse too. The only requirement for this kind of decoration is that the purse needs to be in a neutral color so that you can easily dress it up for it to match with your outfits and at the same time it also needs to be of good quality. Fabric painting on your purse can also be done, search the Internet for some interesting detailed ideas. All these will make your purse ideal for a glitzy or glamorous event.

The above steps can be followed if you want to decorate a handbag as well, but make sure that your handbag is not leather as you might end up ruining it. Proceed to add jewelry, sequins, rhinestones, stones, glitter, buttons and other usual decoration items. You can add felt, scarves, other clothes etc to give a whole new effect nike store uk to the handbag. If you have artistic talent you can paint on the handbags as well, these will give them a unique effect, as nobody e nike store uk lse is going to have the same design as yours. You can decorate according to the type of the handbag. Beaded gems, appliqus and extra fabric can also be added to give the handbag a nice rich effect. If you are decorating for a casual look you can decorate accordingly by doing some fabric painting and other simple things to make the bag look cool, if you are decorating for special events you may consider making some detailed work on them with stones and other grand items.