nike shoes How to Bag Groceries Properly

How to Bag Groceries Properly

This article is on how to bag groceries properly. I know, gross, right? Who would do that? I have taken to telling the bagger (person bagging my groceries) to bag my bread separately and my meats separately from everything else. They roll their eyes at me! So here are the rules to follow when bagging groceries so none of your items are damaged in any way. 1. Large items like cereals go in one large bag together. Do not place a large item and a small item in the same bag. Smaller items in this bag will make it tear or spill.

2. Bread and eggs should be bagged separately so they do not get squished and broken. Place these items in the top of your grocery cart so nothing is sat on top of them. If you do have fresh bakery goods, these possibly can be placed with the bread or eggs but only if their shape is almost exactly the same.

3. Canned goods should be placed into a bag by themselves. Also only so many canned goods can go into one bag or it will break on the way in to your home. Even double bagging canned goods will not prevent breakage! Infant formula can also be bagged with canned goods if there is room.

4. Meats should go together. Do not placed cooked meats with uncooked meats or you chance getting salmonella poisoning. Place bacon, sausage, and ham in one bag. Sandwich meats go in another bag. Bag any bloody uncooked meats such as chicken, pork steaks, pork chops, or roasts into their own bag.

5. Bakery goods such as birthday cakes and muffins can be bagged alone to ensure their shape. Place these items in the top of the grocery cart along with the bread.

6. Milk, soy milk, and liquid coffee creamers should be placed into a bag together. Make sure the bag is big enough for all of them or use more bags.

7. Any shelf staples that are in boxes (Bisquick is one example) can go together in one bag but make sure they are similar sizes. Aluminum foil and light bulbs can be placed with these items.

8. Yogurts can go in their own bag. Never place yogurts in with canned goods.

9. Anything in a glass jar like peanut butter and jelly or pancake syrup should be put in their own bags but be sure not to overload the bag!

10. Small items such as candy bars, film, batteries, and spices can either be put altogether in a separate bag or nike shoes you can throw them into just about any bag.

11. Flour, sugar, and corn meal should go together unless you have too nike shoes many to fit into one grocery bag. Then use more than one bag for these items.

12. Ice cream and frozen goods such as frozen pizzas should never be mixed with other items. The moisture can ruin anything in a box. Bag by shape, put ice creams and Cool Whip into one bag while frozen pizzas and anything square shaped can go in another bag.

13. Paper products such as paper towels and toilet paper can go together in a bag and any dry items that are similar in shape can be bagged with these items. Never place frozen foods or meats with these items.

14. Cleaning products such as 409 should never be bagged with food. Bag these items alone. Even dish detergent can make food taste awful!

15. Produce like apples and celery can be bagged together.

The rule of thumb is never to ove nike shoes r stuff the bags or they can break and similar items go together. Use common sense, would you put these items together at home? It may take a little brain power the first few times that you do it, then it is a no brainer! Saltine crackers can go with snack crackers but should not be placed with the bread as it’s box will squash or dent it. Paper grocery bags may be good for the environment but will disintegrate if you carry ice cream in it. As I said, a little common sense goes a long way in bagging like a pro! If you work in a grocery store bagging groceries, bag our groceries as you would want your groceries bagged! Would you let your infant suck on a piece of raw meat? No? Then why bag baby bottles and infant formula with uncooked meats? Happy bagging!

Published by Carolyn Foster

Carolyn Foster has education in nursing and social work. She has worked with the elderly, patients and family members with Alzheimer and children with autism. Caring for a child with autism for 12 yea.

1 CommentSign in to Commentwhitwhit 10/28/2013customer rule of thumb: get off your high horse or bag it yourself. as a cashier/bagger, i always remember these guidelines: cold stuff with cold stuff, don let crushables get crushed (eggs, bread, etc), don mix non food with food, and don cross contaminate meats. and when in doubt if i should do something, i ask the customer if it ok before i do it. if a bagger fails to meet these guidelines, then you probably have the right to be mad and complain. but instead of complaining to the baggers because you expect them to remember all 50 of your nit picky rules after working hard for 8 hours o nike shoes n minimum wage, how about you stop being lazy and do it yourself.

nike shoes How to bag better online shopp

How to bag better online shopping deals

The holiday shopping season officially starts on the week of November 24, but true bargain shoppers should be hitting the keyboards right now. The Problem Solvers have some tricks for bagging the best online deals.

Angela Davis is in the business of saving people money. She runs a website called Frugal Living NW and says before you begin your holiday shopping, install Price Blink on your browser.

I go to the product page, my Price Blink notification comes up and says that this item is $99.99 with free shipping at Bed Bath and Beyond, explains Davis, I know immediately that I can save $16 by going to another site to buy this item. Blink also features:

Wish List, a place to nike shoes keep track of the products you’re seeking

Price History charts that show if now is the time to buy

Price Drop Alerts that let you know if the price drops on any of your watched items

Search for online disco nike shoes unt codes but don’t waste your time with minor websites. going to have almost every code available out there. to a recent survey by Coupon Codes, only 21 percent of online shoppers are “very likely” to look for online coupons and codes despite an average saving of $20.30.

Many online retailers will waive shipping charges during the holidays. If not, you have another option.

Fill you cart on whatever website you’re shopping. Proceed to the check out and complete enough information so that you enter your email address. Then don’t finish the sale and abandon the cart.

In a day or two, you may see pop up ads or get emails in your in box with special discounts. It a retailer’s way of enticing you back to the website.

When you’re shopping for online particularly for travel consider clearing t nike shoes he cookies on your computer before you return to a website for a second time. Some airlines have nike shoes been known to up the original price as a sort of punishment for not buying tickets in the first place.

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How to Bag Asbestos Tile

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysRemoving asbestos tile is a potentially hazardous job. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the job should be done with the help of a professional asbestos inspector. But having a professi nike shoes onal assist you does not mean that you should not apprise yourself of the E nike shoes PA’s rules of asbestos remo nike shoes val. To protect your home and your air quality, carefully monitor the removal job with knowledge of the EPA’s safety precautions in mind. And be aware that the job does not stop when the tile is removed. All asbestos tile and related material must be properly bagged before it is hauled off the site.Don your respirator mask. Moisten the asbestos tile with water. Asbestos tile fibers are easily airborne. Moisture helps to stabilize the fibers and keep them out of the air you breathe. You and the asbestos removal professional must make sure that the tiles are moistened at all points during the removal process. If all the tiles have not retained their moisture by the time they are ready to be bagged, you must moisten them again. nike shoes Use a spray bottle (indoors) or spray attachment from the hose to wet the standing pile of tile before handing it.