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How to Buy Golf Equipment

A Buying Guide for the Golfer in the Making

With the need for specific equipment and clothing, golf can be an expensive hobby. Besides the costs of clubs, clothing and balls, golfers also face green fees, which can be pretty hefty at times. Knowing where to shop and what constitutes as essential to the game can help beginners get a thrifty start in the sport. The following is a recommended list of basics, and tips on how to shop for golf equipment.

Golf Clubs Sets

Learning and understanding the purpose of each club in your bag will assist you in making good buying decisions when investing in your next set of golf clubs. The swing test will be your ultimate guide, but these few helpful hints will assist you before you hit the Links.

Basic golf sets will include a driver, 2 woods, and a set of eight irons (3 through 9, plus a pitching wedge). Hybrids, specially wedges and putters are usually sold separately.

Drivers The 1 Wood (Driver) sports the largest head, lowest degree and longest shaft of all your clubs and therefore produces the furthest drives. The distances you can achieve depend on the shaft flexibility you choose.

Woods 3, 5 and 7 Woods are used off the fairway and are available in steel and graphite with both stiff and regular shafts.

Hybrids Hybrid clubs were initially developed to replace harder to hit, long irons. With larger club heads similar to fairway woods, their deeper centre of gravity makes it much easier to hit the ball higher and farther. Shots tend to land more softly with less roll. Hybrids are available in woods and irons.

Irons Irons are considered the core of the golf set and are available in two different styles. The Blade is suited to the more experienced golfer as it provides greater ball control. The Cavity Back is more appropriate for the mid to high handicapper as it picks up the ball more easily.

Wedges Wedges are used for achieving higher shorter shots and are essential to your set. The higher th nike outlet e loft on a club, the higher the ball will go, although distance will be compromised. Different types of wedges to consider for your set are: Pitching, Sand, Gap and Loft.

Putters Putters come in two different styles. Mallets sport a large rounded head and provide balanced weight for a more consistent putting stroke for less experienced golfers. Blade putters are easily identified by their long, flat, narrow head and are popular among low handicappers.

Ladies’ Golf Clubs:

Clubs specifically designed for ladies tend to be lighter for faster swings, and about an inch shorter than regular men’s clubs. The shafts are usually more flexible than men’s clubs p nike outlet roviding greater distance potential with less swing speed.

Golf Bags Carts

Walking 18 holes, whether it is a good or a bad day of golf, can be hard on the body. Rolling golf carts are lightweight and compact for those who like to walk the course, but prefer not to carry their clubs. Today’s ergonomic designs increase the comfort and safety of carry bags, and you are guaranteed a g nike outlet reat work out during the round without compromising your back. If you prefer to drive the course, there is a good selection of lighter, less cumbersome cart bags on the market too.

Golf Balls

It can be pretty challenging to choose your golf balls when each of your many options is designed for a particular swing style or skill level. The silver lining is that when selected appropriately, a golf ball can really improve your game.

The core, cover, dimple pattern, and compression of a ball all cater to the varying needs of a golfer. Balls are most commonly designed to increase distance, control, and spin.

Balls designed for added control will address hooking and slicing tendencies, while nike outlet balls designed to create backspin offer greater control to a more experienced golfer. And, as their name suggests, balls designed for distance will achieve just that!

Golf Apparel Shoes

Golf is known as Gentleman’s (er. and Gentle Woman’s?) Sport and most golf courses have dress codes that uphold this mantra. Men are expected to wear collared shirts with a sleeve, along with short or long pants. Women are expected to wear collared shirts, which may be sleeveless if desired. Shorts should be no more than an inch or two above the knee for both men and women. Denim is never acceptable!

A light wind shirt is hugely useful in a golfer’s wardrobe it doesn’t require much room in your golf bag, provides light protection from inclement weather, and shouldn’t interfere with your swing.

Canadian courses generally view golf sandals as suitable attire but country clubs and international courses may require your foot to be completely covered. Most courses no longer allow metal spikes but they can often be switched out for the plastic varieties, which just screw in and out of the sole of your golf shoe.

Whether you choose to wear a golf glove or not is a matter of personal preference. Its main function is to provide a better grip on the club during the long game.

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How To Buy Food Storage Containers

Food storage containers come in quite a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and types. From zippered plastic bags to glass mason jars, your choice will depend on a combination of factors, including the food to be stored, the amount and location of your storage space, the method of storage, and the cost of the containers. Let’s break it all down and find out what kind of containers will work best to suit your food storage needs.

Zippered Plastic Bags Zippered plastic bags are perfect storage containers for food items that have been dried, or for long term freezer storage. They are available at any grocery store. For fr nike outlet ozen food, look for zippered bags that are specifically made to be used in the freezer. For added protection against freezer burn and exposure to air, double bag your food before storing.

Shredded coconut (in the refrigerator)Mason Jars Anything that is canned in a hot water bath or pressure canner should be stored in canning jars, also called mason jars. These jars have both a flat sealing disk and a screw on cap to keep them airtight and keep the food safe. Canning jars are also handy for storing powdered foods and liquid based foods and condiments in the refrigerator. Make sure your jars are not cracked or chipped, and that the lids screw on tightly. The sealing disks will have to be replaced after each use, and you can buy both the jars nike outlet and n nike outlet ew disks wherever canning supplies are sold.

Some foods that are perfect for storing in mason jars are:

Jams, jellies, spreads, and fruit preserves

Salsas, chutneys, and saucesHomemade pickles and preserves

Flour and baking mixes

Drink mixes

Gravy mix or prepared gravy (in the refrigerator)

Plastic Containers With Lids You’ll find a wide variety of plastic food storage containers for sale at grocery stores, department stores, and even home and garden shops, and it can be tough to choose which ones will best suit your needs. First and foremost, make sure that the lids that accompany the containers fit tightly and provide an airtight seal; otherwise you risk your food going stale or spoiling. Next, consider the size and shape of the containers. They’ll need to fit both the food items you want to use them for, and the shelf space you have at home. Sets of plastic containers can contain a nike outlet variety of shapes and sizes, and these can be both cost effective and handy for varying amounts of food.

nike outlet How to buy feeding supplies

How to buy feeding supplies

UtensilsSoft tipped spoons designed for babies are a gentle way to introduce foods and are easier on your baby’s tender gums. Some have heat sensitive coatings, so they’ll change color to show you when food is too hot. The utensils for self feeding should have really wi nike outlet de handles or looped handles that are easy for a baby to grasp.

Age range: You’ll start using spoons when you introduce your baby to solids when she’s 4 to 6 months old. Shortly after age 6 months, she’ll probably want to try holding her own spoon, so have a big child safe spoon handy. It’ll be a few more months before her coordination has developed enough to get food from bowl to mouth with a utensil.

Bottom line: Spoon and fork sets cost $3 to $6. You’ll make an impression on your toddler when you offer a set and say, nike outlet “Thi nike outlet s is because you’re a big kid now.”

Feeding accessoriesFrom miniature portable food grinders for making meals while traveling to special racks that organize baby food jars in your cupboard and splat mats that protect the floor, accessories make feeding your child easier. Special insulated totes and carrying bags let you h nike outlet ave snacks and meals ready at the park or while traveling. If you’re making your own baby food, there are plenty of products that help.

Age range: You’ll use these from around the time your child starts solids (at 4 to 6 months old) to when he’s about 3. And you may find yourself using items like insulated bags to carry snacks for years to come.

Bottom line: It’s easy to spend a lot on feeding accessories though some are inexpensive (less than $10), the costs add up. Top of the line baby food makers cost upward of $100.

Next step: Find out how to introduce solid foods.

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