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How to Discipline a Dog

You come home from a long day at work only to find that Fido has turned your new pair of Prada heels into confetti. Immediately your body stiffens as you gently pick up one of the damaged shoes to inspect the carnage. Definitely not salvageable. Your anger and frustration boil over and you turn to poor Fido. Out of self preservation, he attempts to slink from the room with his belly mere inches from the floor. In a low, warning voice, you articulate carefully a ‘Fido, come here’. Slowly he slinks over to you, rolls onto his back at your feet and gives you the big brown eyes with the unmistakable ‘don’t beat me’ look. You melt, pet him on the head and, in a soft voice, say ‘okay, you know you did something wrong so I won’t banish you to your crate this time but don’t do it again or it’s off to the shelter with you!’ Fido, the ever faithful companion, eagerly wags his tail and gives you his best ‘I know, I’m sorry’. You are both happy and go about your evening thinking you have done everything right to correct the problem.

At least until tomorrow when the Louis Vitton bag you bought to salve the loss of the shoes becomes his entertainment for the day.

Dogs react to our body language and tone of voice so when you stiffened, he knew something was bad but rarely would a dog put two and two together to come up with chewing the shoe as the cause of the change in mood. Their ability to associate the two incidents is limited so his reaction was in direct response to your behavior, not to the shoe chewing incident. To add insult to injury for poor Prada, how fast you capitulated to his submissive behavior only reinforced in his mind that how he reacted to nike store uk your anger was correct and all is now well in his doggy mind.

The correct response to his chewing of the shoes would be to learn that when you are unable to monitor his behavior, do not to leave things around that you would rather see in one piece and that he might find a desirable diversion to boredom.

Dogs learn best from being ‘caught in the act’ and gently disciplined at that moment. Even better is to catch them before they actually misbehave and derail the thought process before it becomes an action quickly and easily helps teach him right from wrong.

‘Leave it!’ is an excellent command and works well for stopping his thought process in mid sentence. It also means using ‘No!’ for more important situations like ‘No! Don’t run into the road!’ or ‘No! Stop humping Grandma’s leg!’

Start the training with something yummy in the palm of your hand. Let him smell it and as he goes to try to get it, close your hand covering the treat and say ‘Leave it!’. If he backs away, immediately give him the treat with lot’s of praise. If he doesn’t back away, do not allow him to take the treat. As soon as he realizes he is not getting the treat and gives up, give him the treat and again, lot’s of praise. Keep doing this until he catches on. Next try him with the food in the palm of your hand again and as he goes to smell or grab it, say ‘Leave it!’. He should immediately back away, and if does, give him the treat. If he does not back away, close the hand and start all over again. You can also try this with a piece of food on the floor with your foot hovering near by in case he goes for the treat before you release him from the ‘Leave it!’ command with an ‘okay’ or ‘break’.

Now scale up the reward with a bigger treat or a toy and continue until he immediately stops whatever he was thinking of doing.

As an example, image you are walking down the road with him on lead and a cat crosses in front of you both. Normally he would react by pulling you down the street in a feudal attempt at chasing the cat. Thankfully, you have him on lead so before he even begins to think about reacting to the cat, you give him a sharp ‘No!’ and a mild correction on the leash. Before his brain even registers the word ‘chase’, you have brought him out of prey mode by telling him what the approp nike store uk riate action actually is to seeing a cat. In an ideal world, he would react by looking away from the cat and you two would continue on your enjoyable, non cat chasing way. In reality, it may take a while to retrain him with this appropriate behavior but well worth the effort in the end.

In the house, set up situations where it is easy to catch him ‘thinking’ of doing something bad and stop it in its path. Is he eyeballing your dinner? Tell him ‘Leave it!’ and when he looks away (should be his natural reaction), tell him ‘good boy!’

Back to how to discipline a dog. Discipline without teaching him the correct or appropriate behavior does not work. With a child, if you always said ‘no’ but never told them when they were doing something right or what was the correct behavior, you would end up with a depressed child unsure of their actions. It is the same with dogs.

Say you catch Fido chewing on the Pradas again. Give him a ‘leave it’ which he now knows is to stop whatever he is doing and then reward him by giving him something he can chew like his own toy or a chew (has to be a good one for this exercise to work well). When he grabs it, give him a ‘yes! good boy!’ and a pat on the head. It might take a few times but eventually he will learn ‘Pradas bad, chew toy good!’

If you are not able to monitor his behavior, when you are at work for example, crate training him will keep him out of trouble. Making sure there are lot’s of his toys around when his loose in the house is important as well as making sure your shoes are all picked up.

How to discipline a dog? The best way is to teach him right from wrong in a gentle and understanding way. Never should a dog be hit, smacked, yelled at or frightened into behaving the way you want because first off, it is just wrong and second, it does not work. He is not actually learning anything besides to be scared of you next time he sees you stiffen and get angry.

Dogs are not mind readers (at least most aren’t). Consistent teaching with ample praise will show nike store uk him the correct behaviors much faster and easier then only telling him what not to do. Think of the two of you as a team and keeping the Pradas safe and unchewed requires teamwork and camaraderie to succeed. Patience, consistency and a team effort will soon have him ignoring the high h nike store uk eels and the neighbor’s cat!

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how to discipline a 9 yr old boy

He is SO rowdy, swears, physically picks on his 7 year old sister. She’ll be doing something, playing a game or with her doll, he would come up and call her names and he even hit his sister with a HAMMER. (I have no idea where he got one, they live in an apartment.) He says that she deserves to be punished because she is annoying him. She never even talked to him today, she mainly minded her own bus nike store uk iness.

The little girl is SO well behaved. But her brother is so crude, he runs around and yells, climbs the kitchen counters. He calmed down later and it seemed to work. for a while, until he wanted his stuff back (I didn’t give it back). I don’t know what to do. I know he has no father figure around. He just talks back.

I let his mother know, and she was so sorry about his behavior. I still want to continue to babysit, she said I am allowed to bribe and take away privileges. but make him earn his prizes.

He seems jealous of his sister. but I take turn playing any games with them or at the same time. Honestly. i can’t wait until HE goes to camp this summer. lol.

Would it be too silly to start a chart there they can EARN tokens/stars, and if they earn enough for being well behaved. they can cash it on prizes. (taking them to wild waves, etc.)??

For any discipline to be effective, it takes ti nike store uk me and the same message sent to the child by all the role models in his life.

The boy is actually right no one sends him to his room, literally no one does.

He’s not a naughty child, he’s a child that doesn’t have boundaries set therefore he pushes in the hope someone will care enough, to say enough. Kids thrive on rules and regulations, they grumble and complain about the unfairness of it all but on the flip side they feel loved and secure as it shows people in his life care enough to set boundaries nike store uk and ensure those boundaries aren’t crossed.

Sounds like this is not your responsibility, mum needs to step up and discipline the boy which will make the babysitting job easier for you.

so, what would you do if the little girl earned wild waves but he did not ? this will do nothing more than make it worse on her .

You’re probably on the right track, with the idea of removal of privileges, and especially not caving.

It seems likely that he has not been subject to discipline before, or if he has, not encountered an adult fi nike store uk gure that is actually prepared to follow through on any threats made. (Follow through is important.)

The behavioural issues sound fairly serious to me. Unless you are qualified (and paid) to deal with this, you might be a bit out of your depth. If it were me, I think I’d probably decline to babysit this obnoxious brat, frankly.

You sound as though you are doing everything right, but whether this will be enough is another matter. The chart sounds a great idea make the prizes something he would really like. And make sure you praise him when his behaviour is good. Best of luck he sounds like a child who is completely out of control; if you do eventually have to give up, don’t let it dent your self esteem from the sound of it you are doing all you possibly could.

nike store uk How To Discard Hazardous Home

How To Discard Hazardous Home Waste

It’s spring and your honey do list is growing as fast as the weeds in your lawn. If you want to get “clean out the garage” off the list this weekend, there are a few things to keep in mind before you get started. Even a quick clean in the garage can turn up a handful of hazardous chemicals. You need to find a safe way to get rid of these chemicals, or you will likely face a steep fine. Most of these household items cannot be poured down the drain, into the toilet or set alongside your usual trash bags.

Recycling laws vary among townships, counties and municipalities; the best first step is to contact the local Department of Public works or visit their website. The department will be able to provide you with a print out of what can be recycled, how you can prepare the items for pick up or where to take them if the municipality does not recycle the item.

You can come across coolant in a variety of places in your home from your air conditioning system to your car’s radiator. Grab a clean drain pan and funnel before draining the coolant. Make sure that drain pan is spotless and oil free if even a small amount of oil mixes with the coolant, it cannot be recycled. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to remove the coolant from the system or radiator and close off the oil pan when the liquid stopped draining. You should be able to take the used coolant to commercial car shops to be recycled. Many shops have machines which distill glycol from the used coolant, and then repackage the clean coolant for resale. nike store uk

Most paints used around the house are solvent based, a nike store uk nd made from either enamel or lacquer. Very few municipalities will take paint or thinners as waste. If you have a small amount of paint, consider pouring it into a pan and allowing it to dry then dispose of it with your household trash. Make sure the paint is put in a well ventilated area, cannot be disturbed by pets or children and is not near an open flame. A large amount of paint or gasoline will need to be disposed of through a hazardous waste system.

Rarely will a municipality take tires with regular trash or during special pick up. Some areas use old tires to fuel cement kilns. The burning tires reach such high temperatures that they will draw water out of limestone and transform it into cement. Some car body shops will dispose of ti nike store uk res for you, but you may have to pay a small fee for the service.

The best way to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals and other items around your home is to plan ahead. Keep your cars running smoothly and you will be able to extend the life of your battery. When you paint a room, purchase only the amount you believe you will need for the nike store uk project. Buy purchasing less at the start, you won’t waste money or toxic chemicals.